Narrated by Bonnie Baker

“The first part of the ranch ( 6373 acres) known as the Shurley Ranch was purchased by my Great Grandfather Frank Baker in 1919. The second part ( 3710 acres) know as the Sinclair Ranch was purchased by my Grandfather Roy William Baker Sr. in 1937. The third part (2343 acres ) known as the Cloudt Ranch was purchased in December of 1984 by my Father Roy William Baker Jr. aka Bill he also purchased a small section 640 acres known as the Cloudt section in March of 2005. The last fifth part of the ranch 8100 acres known as the Taylor ranch was purchased by my father in July of 2007.”

Together all of this close to 20,000+ acres of beautiful hill country that has become known to hunters as the Baker 3 Ranch. The commercial hunting business was started back in the mid 80’s by myself and my sister. My father was always a big hunter so we were introduced to that way of life at a very young age and really liked it. It has always been a family business except for a year when I was pregnant with my son Braden and we leased out to an organization that turned out to be a disaster and it only took that year to know we always wanted to take care of our ranch and the hunting ourselves. Now it is run by my husband and me, one day we hope Braden takes up the reins. It has truly been a pleasure to start the business from scratch and watch it grow and most of all are watching everyone come out and enjoy getting out in nature and enjoying our way of life. We are blessed beyond belief and we realize that with everyone that comes out to enjoy the Baker 3 Ranch.

A Very Unique Way of Living

“Ranch Life is a unique way of living that was started many years ago in our family. Our Ancestors in the later 1870’s after the civil war came from Kansas City Missouri and started ranching and farming in San Saba Co. TX. Ranching and farming have been in our family from the beginning.”

My Great Grandfather had several ranches throughout Texas and first purchased land in Edwards Co. in 1919. My father has always told me it was his father’s dream to sale the different properties that the family had and buy land in Edwards co. that connected to the ranch as it was available and that is was my father and grandfather did as the land around us became available. Now we are only located here in Rocksprings in Edwards County.

Ranching is a wonderful way of life but a hard way as well and my father and I have always raised cattle and goats. But I needed a supplemental way of living to carry the cattle and ranch during droughts and hard times. I was a nurse and traveled all over until my son was born. No matter where I went to nurse I always came home on each day off and ranch and had hunters and worked my full-time nursing schedule around the hunters. Now the hunting business had grown so that we are busy year around now. We have exotics animals that have just throughout the years migrated onto us and reproduced. What we feel is unique about our ranch is that we have tons of game so you are always seeing a lot of animals. In the last several years, more and more people love coming back as repeats due to all the animals they see. Husbands are now bringing wives and their kids with them and some people just come out and ride around the ranch just to photograph and see all the different game. Also, a great place to have parents come with their kids to spend time in nature and learn about hunting.