Bow hunting 101. You’re entering a tradition that goes back a long way… about 20,000 years as a matter of fact, to the time when humans first started launching arrows using sticks and strings. Today, that tradition is stronger than ever, with millions of bow hunters taking to the fields, woods, and mountains each fall, searching for that elusive perfect shot.

Modern bow hunting was popularized in the U.S. in the 1920s when Dr. Saxton Pope published a book called “Hunting with the Bow and Arrow”. Dr. Pope and his colleague, Arthur Young, learned about bow hunting from a Yana tribesman named Ishi. Ishi was the last member of his California tribe, and he shared his vast wealth of knowledge about bow hunting with the two men. Centuries of Native American knowledge went into the making of the book, and the great American bow hunting tradition lived on [source: Maryland Department of Natural Resources].

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