Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world in search of an exotic hunt that bragging rights are made of? If you’re looking for a more unique and exotic hunting experience, Baker3Ranch is your perfect destination. We offer a world-class experience hunting some of the most sought-after game, without the world travel. With the widest variety of exotics hunting in Edwards County, Texas, at Baker3Ranch you can have the opportunity of a lifetime to hunt game not easily found in traditional hunting grounds.

All exotic hunting expeditions are privately guided. Hunters from all over come to Baker3Ranch to have a thrilling experience, challenging their skills in a new and unique way, hunting exotics. As well as our game, we offer a (high fence/fair chase?), year-round exotic hunts and comfortable lodging, along with a scenic experience that only enhances your hunting memories.

We offer beautiful terrain to enhance your hunt, similar to the natural vegetation that our exotics would call home in the wild. Our scenic facility offers not only a rewarding experience by way of game, but also lends itself to be a visually appealing hunt that you will not forget.

We offer exotic hunts for:

  • Axis
  • Blackbuck antelope
  • Black Hawaiian rams
  • Corsican rams

Though you may come to enjoy a specific animal, you will have the experience to gaze upon several of our exotic animals roaming the ranch in our picturesque landscape.

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